Release Date: October 5, 2016

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I want to thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and my heavenly Father for this 2nd album that He has helped me put together. Deliberating on a name for this was tough. I had quite a few options but narrowed down on this – thinking of it, this is indeed the calling for every believer of the Lord Jesus Christ. He did this from an early age of 12 as we read in the scriptures and also said these words “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and ALL these things will be added to you”.

2015-16 was probably the most difficult year I have gone through in my life and though I was involved in doing a bit of ministry through the year, I did go through immense pain & agony to the point of having bouts of depression! Did not know what caused it but surely knew that the enemy did not like what I was doing – as I was in my Father’s business!. But these agonizing months were difficult, living alone in Mumbai (with the family back in Bangalore) – but through it all God was with me. Looking back I can surely say, it was His grace that helped me get through the year and those difficult months.  HalleluJAH!

I hope you are blessed listening to these select songs done on this album. May you be uplifted and challenged even as you hear them and do write back to me giving me your feedback. Would love to hear from you. You can reach me at

Just the other day I was listening to these songs and looking at the order of these songs – I had no idea when I did them but each number in the Hebrew language has some significant meaning. I may not go through all numbers but a few significant ones here below:

The number 1 represents the One true God and the song Blessing & Honour gives Him the due honour

The number 2 represents the power of being a witness & the song 10000 reasons is a song of witness and gives praise to our Lord

The number 3 represents the power of unity (the Trinity as an example) – a chord of 3 cannot easily be broken. So when God touches you, you and I have the power of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost coming to reside inside of us – now tell me, that is some Power!

The numbers 5 & 10 represent “wholeness or completeness” – hence the songs, Hollow laughter (life will be hollow if you don’t have Christ in it) & Mary did you know (even Mary the mother of Jesus though was used by God to deliver the Messiah, would be delivered ultimately by Him through His death & resurrection from the grave!)

The number 6 represents “man’s number” & that is why we are created beings to Praise & Glorify Him all the time irrespective of our circumstances!

The number 7 represents God’s number & Jesus said in John 15, without Me you can do NO Thing. Therefore be filled by His Spirit as you hear the Spirit song

The number 8 represents “new beginnings” and let the song, God will make a way be true in your life and may He give you New beginnings & New things to move into!

The number 12 is God’s elect number – the 12 tribes of Israel, the 12 Disciples and the 12 Thrones et al. You and I may not know our future, but thank God we certainly know “Who holds our future” – Amen!

Let’s be a blessing to the world by being in The Father’s business!

Love & prayers – John (aka Bejoy)

Album Tracks

  • Blessing and Honor

  • Take My Hand Precious Lord

  • Rahi Chalta Ja

  • He touched Me