Be a person of “One Book”

By: John K John

December 4, 2014



I find it quite strange that people across the world want to read everything their eyes and hand get to BUT do not want to read the Bible, the  inspired Word of the Creator of this universe! It’s like buying a high-tech gadget or a fancy car and not reading the instruction manual but want to figure out what the functions are, by Trial and Error! – sometimes these attempts prove very costly, and by the time you realize this, you have wasted precious moments of your life here on earth with a lot of catching up to do, if you are lucky and some just dont make it and are long gone from here!

I recently heard about the founder of the Weslian movement, John Wesley being a man who read widely but preferred to be known as a man of “One Book” – the Bible!
I want to be like that too! Too much knowlege of the things of this World and too little of God may help you here on earth but for those who are Heaven & Kingdom minded, our calling and purpose is to leave a legacy that goes beyond what the natural eyes can see or fathom!

Resolve to be a man or a woman of “One Book”
God Bless

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