Do you have a heart to forgive?

By: John K John

November 18, 2017



The more I read of Jesus, the more I fall in love with Him. Over the last 4 days I have been reading the account of Jesus’s arrest and the trial, the crucifixion & finally the ascension.

I believe, the Church has been doing a good job in preaching the good news of who Jesus is and what He did while here on earth, his miracles, his betrayal, his death and his resurrection. But NOT many have been speaking of what Jesus DID after He resurrected from the Dead!

There are quite many things He did after he rose from the dead but I was intrigued by Jesus’s response to the people who put him through the ordeal including His own disciples!

Never in all the 4 Gospels do I read that Jesus wanting revenge and went chasing after the people who put Him on the cross! – Never once do you read that He wanted to show “Who He is” to the Pharisees or the High Priests and let them know that He is indeed the SON OF THE BLESSED!

But like the way He came into the world and the message of His birth was announced to the Shepherds, Jesus goes back to His disciples who are now in hiding for the FEAR of the JEWS! – You see it was easy for the religious lot to come after the disciples next so that the group could be entirely wiped out!!

Jesus, however, comes to the disciples who are in absolute fright and seclusion and the words He uses to them when He sees them is – “Peace be with you” – ( are you kidding me! – Peace be with you!!! ) I would expect Jesus to whip them and scream/shout and say – You bunch of deserters, where were you when I needed you the most!!! But His words were – Peace be with you, As the Father has sent me – so send I you! – What a GOD! What Love – What Heart and a heart to FORGIVE and FORGET, even though the pain He went through was excruciating!

Are you hurting because of what others have done to you – Let Jesus come in and give you a heart where by His power, you can say, “Peace be with you”!


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