Interceding for your neighbors!

By: John K John

October 9, 2017



Who is your neighbor you would ask? – well Jesus did give that answer in the Gospels with the Good Samaritan story!

While attending church service over this weekend, God impressed upon me a way to intercede for our neighbors … those who live alongside us and those who work alongside us too.

Most of us live in apartment complexes and God showed me a CROSS and said, why don’t you intercede for your neighbors who live above you, besides you and those who stay beneath your complex too!
The same could be done for those who work with us – Intercede for those who we report to, work along side with and those who report to you!

If we could start interceding regularly and pray for these unsaved or even saved neighbors by name (some of us don’t even know the names of those who stay in our complexes!!!) we will be able to see God’s work in their lives and soon be sharing the love of God with each of them.

May He give us a burden to intercede for our neighbors until we see them won for Jesus Christ!


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