The Power of Lifted Hands!

By: John K John

October 19, 2017



Is there power when you lift hands and pray!? – I would say a resounding YES!

There are times in our lives when we sometimes just do not know what to do – There is an emergency, someone you love in need of prayer, could be hospitalized, could be an issue on the  job, could be a dreaded disease, a marriage on the point of breaking up! …. Any of these could immobilize you and I!

But at this point in time, lifting up your hands in prayer is Powerful – these are the times in life when you just are numb and nothing else will work! – When you believe that no one else but God can help you in your pain … hands that cannot do anything, hands that cannot give anything but be lifted in Honor of the God who is ABLE to do exceedingly above and beyond our comprehension.

This is what I read in Exodus 17 vs 8-16. Moses in this case, had the rod of God in his hand and has them lifted up and as long as he had it lifted up, Israel won the battle against Amalekites …. What battle are you fighting? – A couple of days ago I was lying in bed to go to sleep, when I get a call from my mother saying that Dad is being rushed to the hospital for a heart issue …. I was miles away from Chennai and all I could do and what God reminded me was to Lift Up those hands in Prayer and to call on God! …. It Doesn’t matter what you are going through! … As long you and I can have our hands lifted up, our God will fight our battles! – Don’t underestimate the Power of Lifted Hands!


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