Turn the OLD to the NEW

By: John K John

October 2, 2017



That’s what happens when Jesus moves into your life! The old will NEED to go for the NEW to come in. The old CANNOT stay alongside the NEW.

I am reminded of Jesus’s 1st miracle captured in the Bible ( though this may not have been His 1st miracle that He did – clue given when Mary His Mother approaches Him when the wedding runs out of wine – Why did she approach Jesus? unless she knew that He was capable of doing a miracle? )

It’s amazing that Jesus uses what & who were available to do His miracle! – When He came into the house that had the wedding, there would have been servants who would have offered water from the water pots to wash His feet before they stepped into the house – Jesus uses these very water pots that held water and uses the servants (note, He did not use the elite and the owners to do His miracle).

Now when His time had fully come to do forth the miracle, Jesus asks the servants to

  • Fill the water pots with water – If you have NOT been FILLED with the Holy Ghost, the Third person of the Trinity, you and I will be just ordinary Christians. However, you and I are NOT called to be ordinary Christians, but we need to be EXTRA-Ordinary Christians because we have the SUPER-Natural Spirit of Jesus inside of us!
  • Then the servants were asked to DRAW some out from what was FILLED!
  • Once you are FILLED and you DRAW from what is filled, ONLY then can you TAKE¬† what you have to the WORLD for GOD to use you!

I love how when the servants obeyed what Jesus instructed them to do, the water BLUSHED and turned into WINE!

Those water jars that used to be full of water, NOW no more holds water but WINE! This is what happens when we ALLOW Jesus to come into our lives – Behold ALL things WILL BECOME NEW!

My prayer is that you be filled by the HOLY SPIRIT of Jesus to be the NEW MAN/WOMAN God would want you to be.


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