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Over 50+ Marque Companies worldwide were trained on
“Sensitizing them on the Indian Culture”


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You already have talents – you just may not be aware of them. Work in your areas of Strengths to SOAR! Take the SF assessment.


Who is the
assessment for?

Here are four groups that the CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder 2.0) assessment can help:

  • Individuals

    Individuals can use the assessment to stand out in a crowd & be distinct.

  • Students

    The assessment is also available for school and college students who want to discover what they do best.

  • Teams and Managers

    The assessment can help teams work together more effectively and improve employee engagement. And it can help managers clarify their roles and understand how to lead their team better.

  • Organizations

    Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies have used the CliftonStrengths assessment to improve their workplace.

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Build your organization where employees love & enjoy work, even on Mondays! Increase Joy, Engagement, Higher Productivity & have Employees perform at their best!


Great – you have started a venture, but unsure who can bring what to the table! Take the Builder Profile and position the Right Person for the Right Job! Get to know your Top 4 Entrepreneurial Talents!


a) Handle Interviews with Confidence – Get to know your Talents and work in your areas of Strength to make a mark, wherever! b) Executive Presence - Speak with Confidence after attending just a 3-hour session


What They Say

Understanding why things are done in a different manner to my expectations – was of great value
The best cross cultural session I have ever attended – Thanks to John for the way he was able to connect both our worlds!
Excellent; eye opening – learnt a lot. Absolutely a must have. I have worked with TCS/HCL for years and have a lot of experience but this class has connected a lot of dots for me
San Antonio - Texas

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